Pork Prices

Pork prices vary considerably due to market fluctuations, and we consider it only fair to vary the price accordingly. Please contact us for the most up-to-date prices. Below you will find approximations, so you can get a general idea of what your pork may cost.





Product                                               Price Estimate

Whole Hog at 270 lbs.*                      $165-$240

Whole Hog Butcher Fees**                $260

Total for Whole Hog                          $425-500


Half Hog at 135 lbs.*                          $82.50-$120

Half Hog Butcher Fees**                   $130

Total for Half Hog                              $212.50-$250.

*These prices are estimates only. Hog prices are dependent on

hog weight at harvest and current fat/hog cash prices.

**Butcher fees are dependent on the amount of

curing and smoking requested by the purchaser.




(Prices Per Pound)


Pork Chops                                        $7  

Bacon (Thin, Medium or Thick)        $8

Hams (Steaks, Roast, Slices)             $8

Ham Hocks                                        $3

Shoulder (Steaks, Roast)                   $7  

Liver                                                    $3

Heart                                                   $3  


Pork Ribs

Spare Ribs                                          $5

Country Style                                     $6.50


Ground Pork                                      $6.50

Breakfast Sausage (2# link)               $7

Old Fashioned                                   $6.50

Country Style                                     $6.50

Italian                                                  $7

Chorizo                                               $7.50

Bratwurst (2# package)                      $8

Hot Bratwurst (2# package)               $8.50