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Filet - $16.50/lb

KC Strip - $16.50/lb

Ribeye - $16.50/lb

Sirloin - $11.50/lb

Swiss - $9.50/lb

Round - $9.50/lb

Flank - $9.50/lb

Roasts, etc.

Arm - $7.50/lb

Chuck - $7.50/lb

Rump - $7.50/lb

Brisket - $7.50/lb

Other Cuts

Ground Beef - $7.50/lb

Ground Chuck* - $7.50/lb

Stew Meat - $8.50/lb

Short Ribs* - $3.50/lb

Soup Bone - $3.50/lb

Liver - $3.50/lb

Heart - $3.50/lb

Tongue - $3.50/lb

Fat* - $2.50/lb

Bones* - $2.50/lb

*By advance order only.

All prices include processing and delivery!

1 - 15 lbs: list price (Left)

16 - 70 lbs (Eighth): 5% Off

71 - 160 lbs (Quarter): 8% Off

161 - 225 lbs (Half):  12% off

226+ lbs (Whole): 15% Off

Bulk Discounts

About Bulk Prices


You can minimize costs by buying in bulk. Bulk sales help us minimize overhead, logistics and waste, allowing us to give you the highest quality meat at the best value. "Going in" with friends or neighbors can make it especially easy to buy in bulk.

In a bulk order, you will receive mainly an array of steaks, roasts, and ground beef, but soup bones, organ meats and ribs are also included. Steaks are typically cut at a one-inch thickness. Roasts are usually cut to around three or four pounds. Please tell us if you do or do not wish to receive organ meats. 

Many parts of the animal can be cut into various kinds of steaks or roasts, and some of the same cuts have different names, depending on the butcher or the customary name in a certain region. See our Guide to Slaughters, Cuts, and Cooking for more details.

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