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Welcome to Our Farm

We are a diversified livestock and grain operation east of Newton, Kansas that utilizes sustainable practices, including organic crop production. We sell 100% grass-fed beef from our Angus herd of about 40 head that is pastured year-round on native prairie, cool-season grasses, winter forage and stubble fields. We also produce and market certified organic wheat, milo, and soybeans.

Spring/Summer 2022

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We hope to see you again at the
Kansas Grown Farmers' Market
this summer.

*** Please note: Due to unprecedented demand amid the pandemic, our inventory is tight, so please consider ordering bulk ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding! ***

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refer to our Facebook page.

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Our 100% Grass-Fed Beef

No Hormones  // No Antibiotics  // No Grain 


What our customers say: 

"Absolutely Wonderful. Lots of flavor, tender."

"The best I ever had."

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Wheat Harvest 1
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